A game for 2-6 players
of age 7-118 years

Dive into the wonderful world and charm of the Canal du Midi.

This game takes you through the canal system of South France. The ambition is to pass the distance from Castets-en-Dorthe (near Bordeaux) until Sète as quickly as possible. Like during a real trip with a houseboat through the canal of France a lot of surprises, adventures and specialities are waiting for you. The basic set has parts for 6 players. A playing board, a lock board, adventure and breakdown cards, figures and dices, description in German and French (English on demand).

Option 1 is an additional playing board on which you have all the driveable lateral canals and rivers.

Option 2 is an additional set for 5 players, which means the game can now be played by up to 11 peoples.   

The board is waterproof, so the game can be taken onto the boat. The whole game is packed in a practical cardboard tube so you can take and store it very space saving.

Fr. 62.--(Without posting and packaging) 

Fr. 25.--(Without posting and packaging)

Fr. 10--(Without posting and packaging)

Fr. 85.--(Without posting and packaging)

Fr. 93.--(Without posting and packaging)


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